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AFK Arena Hack - Easiest Way To Generate Diamonds

Are you also into card games rather than the other ones? If your answer, is yes then you may try playing this awesome game created by the Lilith Games-AFK Arena. It is an action card game which engrosses a total of 45of your favorite heroes with packed amazingly with incredible graphics.  Along with all that here, you can explore the adventure being in various dungeons.

Here the developer of the game is fully dedicated to keeping their players enough enjoyed by continuously adding the new content in the game. TO obtain the funds in the game, there is only one thing that you need to do, and that is dedicating your time in the game and let the things go closer that much to obtain the credits. However, if hate waiting, then you can surely go for the AFK Arena hack that will cut down your waiting process and allow you to grab onto unlimited funds in the game for use.

In-game funds

There are several funds in the game that should be adequately managed to build your way to success in the game. These funds are necessary to build up the strength of your team and to unlock multiple new characters as well. Therefore, to maintain your hold on the gameplay, it is indispensable to uphold a good flow of funds in the game.

There are some of the conventional currencies and a few premium ones as well. Below we will have a closer look at these credits to get a precise detail about them.

  • Gold

It is one of the most important currencies of the game. It is utilized to improve the gears of the characters and also to upgrade the characters that you already have. The gold is easily accessible in the game, fortunately. Every level or stage you clear in the game will reward you with gold. Anything performed in the game by you will earn you gold. For that reason, it doesn’t require farming. So, now upgrading the heroes have become much easier right?

  • Labyrinth tokens

 These are another currency that you can obtain by clearing the levels in a particular arena named Arcane Labyrinth. The tokens can be spent only in the labyrinth stores to buy various pieces of stuff like gear, soul stones, and the quintessence for the heroes.

  • Tavern points

These points help summon your favorite heroes in the game. The only thing that is required to do is to collect the tavern point equal to the hero you want to summon.

  • Friend points

These points are used to summon the heroes in bulk. But it is not considered as useful because it takes a lot of time to collect these in bulk. However, if you so badly want mass summoning the heroes then using the AFK Arena cheats will be the best option.

  • Coin currencies

There are two types of coin currency in the game called the guild and the hero coins. Where the guilds can be acquired through the guild coins and with hero coins you can retire the common heroes and call up for more traditional ones.

  • Diamonds

The diamonds are the premium currency in the game used to summon the heroes. These are required in bulk to call the heroes. These can be obtained by completing the daily task, weekly quests, and much more. However, the more straightforward way to these is the AFK Arena hack by which you can catch hold of an ample amount of gems in the game.

  • Scrolls

The scrolls are another currency where one scroll equals to one hero, isn’t it significant enough to use this method to summon the heroes? The method is much more efficient than the diamond one.

It is all that you should know regarding the currencies in the game. Now, hopefully, you have identified the use of all the funds of the game, without wasting any time; have the pleasure of playing it.